Monday, 26 May 2008

Currently Chanelling: Charlotte Charles

Right back to the main agenda, albeit my rant post below. I am absolutely IN LOVE with Pushing Daisies. There may be only 9 episodes made due to the writers strike but I do not care-I cannot wait for the second season to begin! I love the whole quirky vintage-esque feel to the sets, costumes, clothes and the characters themselves. I particularly ADORE Charlotte Charles aka Chuck's wardrobe. Chuck is portrayed by english actress Anna Friel, whose style Ive always somewhat admired. Her style within Pushing Daisies is AMAZING. Totally Vintage and kooky and quirky and something I wish to incorporate into my wardrobe.

Here is some screenshots of her outfits. These were very hard to come across and I owe credit to screenshots from this site

First Outift:

How fabulous is her lampshade hat and sunglasses? She looks like a 1950s housewife on a mission to do evil! I LOVE that red ress that she is wearing. It might be hard to incoporate that hat into fashion in this day in age but the dress is timeless.
Interpreting her style on

Click to Enlarge.
1st red dress- ,
2nd red dress- ,
3rd red dress-
Hats- all
earings- ,
bag- plaid pony vintage, ,

Second Outfit:

The screenshots are not exactly the best for this yellow outfit. And I cannot see what type of dress she is wearing under her trench coat. Although, her headscarf is on trend this coming season and reminds me of my grandmother wearing them when I was younger!

The headscarf and yellow peacoat stand out in this dark background. You could possibly wear something similar to this during the dreary months of Winter to brighten your spirits. Im not to sure about the head scarf but the neckline of her dress is flattering without being to risque.

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platform mary-janes-
chanel bag-
head scarf-
I love this yellow dress from Topshop!Im seriously considering buying this.It would be a big step pour moi as I have nothing yellow in my wardrobe. But looking at the picture up there im seriously tempted. Im thinking of wearing white tights with the black mary-janes and the dress. Id love the Chanel bag but cant afford such luxuries!

3rd Outfit:
This is a somewhat more casual outfit, something simple to wear if you don't want to get as dressed up as the previous outfits. The dress and the crocheted cardigan can become staples of any wardrobe. You could wear them out on a night out if you dont want to go overboard, shopping or even for tea with you grandma. Its a somewhat little girl grown up outfit-but I love it! Also in some of the screenshots her dress is peach and then orange. But in my outfit I just used the latter as in a peach dress.

Click to enlarge.

1st cardigan- Sonia Rykiel @
2nd cardigan-
1st shoes-
I like the second dress to the first one. It is probably becuase I love anything with bows and a full skirt on it! The cardigans are something I personally would not wear but they could be teamed with these dresses. I added yellow accesories as to brighten up the outfit and bring a bit of modern punch to it. I love the yellow wooden heeled sandals which I would wear with the second dress.And the little butterfly dress is just divine!
Fourth Outfit:
I only have one screenshot of this dress and the lighting is terrible in this shot, so I have had to interpret the polyvore outfit accordingly.

What I can get from this screenshot is that her dress is a flowery dress and a full skirted one. Im not to sure what her shoes are like but I don't think they really go with this dress!
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I don't think I would wear the dress as I am not to fond of the whole floral print going on this season. I do like the shoes though, but would prefer them in Black as I need a decent pair of black shoes for work. The stockings are wonderful and they have become a staple of my summer wardrobe.

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