Sunday, 29 June 2008

Things Need To Change

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Things need to change drastically in this country for the good of its people.It is simply not a case of 'Old Colonial' putting their nose in to other peoples business.Its the case of getting rid of a bloody tryant who starves his people and threatens them with violence. The governement needs to be taken away right away with military action if need be.I would support this.The government should also be circumspect to a sort of Nuremburg trial for their disuse of Human Rights. I recognise that this is a fashion blog, not a political one, but I feel very strongly on this issue and wish to address it to other people.


My So Called Un-Fashionalble Life

So things have come to somewhat of a hiatus on my blog. This is mainly due to a lot of reasons pertaining to working overtime, looking after my parents house, my friends returning from Uni and also my turning 21. I have however dressed somewhat fashionably and put a lot of thought into my outfits. Although they might not be fashion forward as in terms of A/W 2008/09 trends but what I feel somewhat comoftable in.

In other news I am going to London avec my parents from this coming Monday to Wedensday. I am looking forward to it as it is my first trip to London. Although I think I should call it my first 'shopping' trip as I am looking forward to the shopping aspect of it the most. When I come back I will post more and add more links to my blog list as afterall making fashionable is a somewhat essential key to blogging-well at least I think so anyway! Il leave you with some photos of what I have been wearing these past few weeks!

Yes I did wear this out on my 21st. Although I took the large flashing badge of before I went clubbing. I was kind of chanelling a somewhat bohemian-meets Regency-meets 21st century idea. The dress was v short and I had to wear shorts underneath it and tights. So essentially I am wearing 'Tights as Pants.'

This is that 'doomed' dress from Primark that everyone has. Though I bought it anyway. I decided it needed to be customised so wore that H & M tutu skirt that is so famous on the blogosphere underneath it. Although you cannot see my top half (as my hair and make-up was hideous that night and I am somewhat drunk in this picture) I attached black ribbon straps with a large Nautical badge to it. When I was out I seen a girl out in the red version of it and took a strop according to my friends. Though I do not remember this as I was intoxicated with some fine liquer aka cheap Tesco cider.
This is an ensemble I wore to a job fair at a University for a friend looking for a job. Phew that was a mouthful! The shirt is vintage, pearls from M&S, Skirt from H&M, tights from Oasis and the bag is Vintage. I wore this and became very hot and bothered as the tights are very thick but I do like it. I felt like across between a 1940s singer and schoolgirl.

Til Later on in the Week,

Miss.Russe xoxo

Sunday, 22 June 2008


So Ive been tagged by <3 Fashion Chalet so I better get on with it lol! I will hopefully have more outfit/fashion related posts tomorrow.I have to tidy up the house for my parents coming home!

5 Things Found in my Purse- Debit Cards- Make-Up- Receipts with drawings on them-Chanel Red Lip Stick- Loose Change

Things Found in my Wallet- I dont have a wallet as per say so I just use my handbag as my wallet. I have an i-Pod, Camera and Hairbows in my 'wallet.'

Found in my Room- Clothes!-Cd's-Books-mainly Harry Potter and Historical Books-Random art things-Shoes!

5 Things I’ve always wanted to do- Live in Paris-Travel to St.Petersburg and on the Trans-Siberian Express-Own a Chanel 2.55 bag-Visit Japan-Become a Famous artist.

5 Things I’m currently into- French Anything-Peach Wine-Tangerine Oranges-Lykke-Li-Katy Perry.

5 Impressions of my Tagger-Has the confidence to wear heels and a dress and no tights out in the day time!-Has fabuloulsy long hair!-Wonderful gladiators!I am incredibly envious!-Has a red quilted vintage outfit can be complete without one-Admires Clemence Posey!

I tag Fash'On , Knight Cat and The SLC Socialite !

Friday, 20 June 2008

Eh....where have you been?

Sorry for the lack of updates and picture posts! I will try to get one done on Monday. Its just I have had a free house for a week and have been mainly partying and getting incredibly wasted or just drinking a lot of tea!Again Sorry!


Thursday, 12 June 2008

I want it. I want it.I want it NOW.....

I was recently going through my daily digest of style blogs and was on Susie Bubble's and decided to go through the archives of post. I then saw a post about what is to be expected of Topshop in the Fall/Winter 2008/2009 collection. I saw some things that I wanted but there is three things that I want RIGHT NOW. I do not care how or where I get them but I want them like NOW. Though I guess I will have to wait til Winter. Dammit!

The three items I want are here, here and here! I did not include the photos here as I think that is stealing of some sorts as they were taken by Susie Bubble herself. I do love these items though and am thinking of how I can possibly combine the tiered cape into my winter wardrobe.

One thing that comes to mind is wearing it with full dresses and skirts, bows, skulls and studs. I do have a penchant for skulls, studs and gothic type things as I LOVE heavy metal and have a lot of goth clothes from when I was younger. And as my mother does say I do sometimes up looking like a dead Victorian goth becuase I am so pale and dress in a Victorian manner! I also promise some more outfit photos from the past week. My outfits have been uninspiring and only one outfit is really post worthy!

All photos are from this post by Susie Bubble.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Inspiration noire et blanche

All images from my vast collection of photos on my laptop-bar the colour one which is either from The Satorialist or Facehunter, cant exactly cite specific sources as I cannot remember where I got them from!

Have a good trip, old chap!

So to continue on the theme of travelling and all things travel orientated brings up what to wear when one goes travelling. I have been thinking of this as their has been mentioning of a trip to London with my friends and I! Advisably you would wear something comfortable for travelling in. Say jeans, a t-shirt, jacket and good comfortable shoes. However, what if one wants to look utterly fabulous if travelling to Paris? I personally like to look as vintage as possible. And if I am going to Paris or London I want to definetly look great! If I could have any outfit it would be a combination of this ladys hairstyle and the lady below her's clothes and hat!

pictures from my vast collection of vintage images.

This normaly entails me dressing up in some sort of dress, tights and comfortable heels and a nice jacket to match. The look is more 1940s than anything! The look can hark back to what I think of as the 'Golden Age' of travelling. As in travelling via steam ship in the 1920s or 1930s. You would have your're matching luggage and a matching outfit for boarding the ship. And many fabulous dresses for the many fabulous balls that you would attend! While this is not viable for todays 'modern woman' you can still alude to this time of marvellous dressing in you're travelling outfit. This is part fantasy part reality of course....but here is my 'ideal' travelling outfit via polyvore:

All items Vintage bar the shoes which are from . I have cats eye sunglasses like these but only around the lenses is a leopard print design!

I love love love this dress with a passion that knows no bounds! Unfortunately it is vintage and probably quite expensive! The coat is also fabulous and from the 1940s. You could probably find something like this from e-Bay or in stores this summer as this style of coat, I think is timeless. The hat is probably not everyones taste or style It may be hard to wear if you have long hair but if you pin you're hair up into a chignon or some similar style you could probably get away with this hat.

The suitcase is something else!Id kill for a vintage suitcase like this but theyre not very practical if you have to walk long distances in airports!

Monday, 9 June 2008

Extra Baggage.

So this is quite a random post but I thought that I would type this up anyway. With the ever increasing problems with hand luggage and extra baggage and having to pay for extra baggage- I thought I would type up what to do and not what to do. Obviously most people know what to do but it might be helpful to those who have not travelled for a while and are not aware of the new (stupid) regulations.

Right first of all.....Hand Luggage. I think within the UK, Ireland and the European Union the limit is 10kg. This is fairly workable and if you are only going for a few days you could bring your suitcase on as hand luggage and save on the baggage prices. If you are going to do this you need to have ALL LIQUIDS in a CLEAR PLASTIC BAG. A bit like this:

I personally use sandwich or freezer bags that are available in most supermarkets.This means all liquid make up products and bath products like this:

You MUST have these at the top of the case. A good idea would be to pack all your clothes and then have your towels on top of the clothes followed by the clear plastic bags. You do not need to have lipstick, eye shadow or powders in the clear plastic bags. I have came across this mistake before and ended up with too many things in my hand luggage and the security officer was not happy!

And now to the luggage you are going to put onto the plane. Again I think that the maximum weight is 20kg for the UK, Ireland and Europe. There is a place within most airports that you can weigh you're suitcase before you check it in. IF it is over weight you have to pay a £6.00 fine per kilogram. The airline you are travelling with should outline these prices on their website.

Now to the packing! Are you the kind of person who heaves everything in and then sits on top of your suitcase?Or does it last minute and forgets everything essential? I have done this to and I am no perfect packer! Though I have found that being prepared is key. I always make a list of what I have to get and check it off as I buy it. I also do this when packing.

I normally pack the heavier,bulkier things first. Such as jeans, dresses,jackets etc. I then put in my shoes and some t-shirts, skirts and shorts. I do this as I find it is easier to layer my shoes in between two layers of clothing. This is incase the shoes are sticking out at the top and I cannot get the case closed. For socks and underwear I normally either roll them and slide them into the sides of the suitace or I put them in the pocket that is on the other side of the suitcase. I also use this pocket for important documents and information on were I am staying.

Also to note if you are bringing a hair dryer or hair tongs or hair straighteners it is wise to put them in the layer were the shoes are.I hope this has been somewhat useful and you can use this information if you are lucky enough to be going on holidays this summer!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Luella....Oh Lou-Elle-Ah....

I absolutely adore Luella and everything about it! The collections are so versatile and easy to interpret into everyday wear. There is no over the top details or unnecessary items. This is what makes Luella pieces so attractive. So I have tried to interpret trends from their F/W 08/09 Ready-To-Wear show via Polyvore. I was not able to get every item down to the very last detail.....But I think I did pretty well!!

This is one of my favourite looks from their current collection. I have already purchased my orange tights and black mary janes. I have a skirt like this which I have worn before a lot and it is refreshing to see a new way I can wear it. The skirt can be seen in one of my daily outfit posts below. I also love the fact that crimped hair is back-I remember crimping my hair nearly every day when I was twelve and it drying out!

Skirt: Warehouse-
This is such an easy look to use for winter! You can combine it with a number of different coloured tights and matching dresses. I already have a winter coat like this and a matching satchel! It reminds me of something from the 1940s-perhaps a child Evacuee on its way to the country side with its wordly possessions in its satchel!Or a school teacher on her way to teach her young charges! I particularly like the ribbons in the hair and again the crimped hair!

Now for my way via

Tights/ Over The Knee Socks:


Dress: -Although I do not know if this dress is still available!





Luella photos courteousy of

Saturday, 7 June 2008

During The War

So here is the aforementioned photographs. I think they are pretty crap to be honest as I do not have photoshop and had to use a Kodak editing programme to make them look 'old.' I guess the dress is quite patriotic in the American sense-but they did help us win the war. And the dress and photoshoot is a kind of memory for all those who saved their lives for us during the war!

P.S.-The posts are somewhat in disarray. You should view the pictures of me in the same dress AFTER you look at this post. Its just below the video post. Technically the other picture post should be before this one....but it did not work out quite like that!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Lest We Forget

Today is the 64th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France. I have posted this becuase it is important to honour the brave men who risked their lives so that we could live in peace. In honour of this I have decided to dress in a somewhat 1940s style tomorrow. It might not be much but it is a somewhat homage to them. If I had known of this day sooner I would have dresssed up today.

Let us always Remember them.

Dreamy Wander

I love this video ever since I came across it on the 'Cherry Blossom Girl' blog! I love the Alice in Wonderland-esque feel to the whole video piece. I also especially love Zooey Deschanel's outfit in this video piece! Very last century but somehow modern.Hmm I need a large bow in my hair now....

Outakes, Outakes, Outakes....

Dress: Topshop Fall 07 via e-Bay.

Lipstick: Red Chanel lipstick.

Glasses: Valentino.

Looking like you are from the war: Priceless.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

When the bee stings....

As In a line from that infamous song from the Sound of Music! I have quite amassed a talent of refrencing my post titles to lyrics of songs! Well basically this post is about some of my favourite things that I like to wear, use or eat on a daily basis. Some of these things are new purchases and some of them I have had for a while. So without further a do I present, 'Some of My Favourite Things.'
This is so yummy! I wish I could eat this on a daily basis but I think my blood sugar would be through the roof. What it is is Tesco Finest* Raspberry yoghurt icecream, Raspberries and dark chocolate! Yum yum yum!

This is my faithful Vintage brown leather satchel. I bought it for £3.99 in the Oxfam in Belfast. I adore this bag and has been everywhere with me! From nightclubs, to fields to airports and back! It holds a lot and is not to big to be used as a going out clubbing bag. It does need a good clean inside but I do love it so. The best thing is that it goes with every outfit!

These are the Wingtip Oxford Brogues from New Look. I bought them for £5.00 of e-Bay and they arrived the other day. I must say I adore these shoes and they are somewhat comfortable to walk in-though I think I shall have to buy some party feet sole cushions for these shoes!I love them becuase they remind me of shoes from the 1930s and 1940s and I have a penchant for anything from these particular decades!

Yes I do admit to owning one of these bags from Marks N Spencers. But so what!? Theyre cool and stylish (I think) and I can lug my books and art materials around in it for next term. At least it looks better than a Tesco Bag For Life! Although on that note I do have the hessian material Ladybird bag for life that was out over a year and a half ago. The nice little one that was made BEFORE they stuck , 'TESCO BAG FOR LIFE,' on it!

If you got no money, Honey, we got your disease

This is a reference to the song, 'Welcome to the Jungle,' by my all time favourite band the mighty Guns n Roses. I basically have no money left after going shopping yesterday and also I think I have a disease known as , 'Shopping Addiction.' I hope you liked my purchases becuase of them I am totally broke and yet I have to go out tomorrow. Well not so much as 'have to' as 'need to' as I am of work and do plan on getting royally wasted. Yes, I might dress like a lady with some Grunge thrown in for my own amusement but I do admit that I am young and like to get drunk with my friends and do crazy things!

Anyway there is the information for the purchases as follows:

Mock Croc Bag: £6.00 Primark

High Heel Oxford Brogues: £22.00 TKMaxx

Red Patent Bag: £3.99, Vintage, Oxfam.

White Over the Knee Socks, Black Alice Band and Corsage: £5.99, £2.99 and £5.99 respectively. All River Island. I normally do not shop here as I find some of their clothes to be somewhat Chavvy but I had a voucher from Christmas that needed using up so I decided to buy these lovely items.

Gold Chain: £3.99 H&M Kids Range-with a picture of Maria in it!

I also bought two coats-one nautical themed and one a woollen swing coat. Both from Primark, but I need to take better pictures of them. I also managed to buy that tutu skirt that has become popular amongst fellow fashion bloggers. It is the one from the H&M kids range and I also bought a Primark boob tube to use as a Body-Con skirt (not an original idea of mine though!).

However, I turned the skirt and boob tube into a dress of sorts. I did this by attaching ribbons as straps to the boob tube and again the attached it to the skirt. Though I think I shall just tuck the boob tube into the skirt as it is only pinned to the dress. More Pictures to follow tomorrow!

Why what are you wearing there darling?

Here is some snapshots of the outfit I was wearing yesterday. I must admit that I have to get somewhere more suitable place for taking my pictures or perhaps set up my camera somewhere to take the photos-or get my sister to take the photos for me.

I was going for a somewhat girly 1950s-esque look with this outfit. I had it planned out the night before which is something that I have been doing quite often this past while as Im not in a rush to get up for University or anything!

Hairband: Claire's Accessories

Coat: Vintage

Tights: Primark

Brogues: From New Look but I bought them for £5.00 via e-Bay.

Top (actually a dress): Primark

Skirt: H&M Divided from about a year ago.

Necklace: Marks & Spencers.

Bracelets: Primark

Studded Bracelet: e-Bay from about 3 years ago.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Artiste Du Jour

These pieces are by an artist by the name of: Lyndsay Hull.

One of my favourite artists from my University's, 'End of Year Show,' for the graduating third years. I will post the information on this artist once I sift thought the various leaflets and flyer's that were on hand to tell me about the artists!SEE ABOVE I do love her work though- it is old fashioned, vintage yet modern as in it is her own concept of the past! I have included these pictures of art on here as this is just not a fashion blog.

Well I try very hard for it not just to be a fashion blog! I am an art student and therefore naturally I am interested in art and artists themselves. Therefore expect more artistic posts in the future.