Thursday, 5 June 2008

If you got no money, Honey, we got your disease

This is a reference to the song, 'Welcome to the Jungle,' by my all time favourite band the mighty Guns n Roses. I basically have no money left after going shopping yesterday and also I think I have a disease known as , 'Shopping Addiction.' I hope you liked my purchases becuase of them I am totally broke and yet I have to go out tomorrow. Well not so much as 'have to' as 'need to' as I am of work and do plan on getting royally wasted. Yes, I might dress like a lady with some Grunge thrown in for my own amusement but I do admit that I am young and like to get drunk with my friends and do crazy things!

Anyway there is the information for the purchases as follows:

Mock Croc Bag: £6.00 Primark

High Heel Oxford Brogues: £22.00 TKMaxx

Red Patent Bag: £3.99, Vintage, Oxfam.

White Over the Knee Socks, Black Alice Band and Corsage: £5.99, £2.99 and £5.99 respectively. All River Island. I normally do not shop here as I find some of their clothes to be somewhat Chavvy but I had a voucher from Christmas that needed using up so I decided to buy these lovely items.

Gold Chain: £3.99 H&M Kids Range-with a picture of Maria in it!

I also bought two coats-one nautical themed and one a woollen swing coat. Both from Primark, but I need to take better pictures of them. I also managed to buy that tutu skirt that has become popular amongst fellow fashion bloggers. It is the one from the H&M kids range and I also bought a Primark boob tube to use as a Body-Con skirt (not an original idea of mine though!).

However, I turned the skirt and boob tube into a dress of sorts. I did this by attaching ribbons as straps to the boob tube and again the attached it to the skirt. Though I think I shall just tuck the boob tube into the skirt as it is only pinned to the dress. More Pictures to follow tomorrow!

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