Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Finally an Update

So there has not been much of an update on here from Thursday! This is for many reasons, mainly due to the fact I work most of Friday and Saturday to fund my shopping addiction! I also had to slightly part-organise my mothers 50th birthday party that was on Sunday. And coupled with the fact that my daily outfits were not that inspiring as I wore nearly the same thing or my work uniform. I actually wore just my high wasited pencil skirt come pinafore with some variations on the shirt, shoes and tights combination.

Last Wedensday, I wore these flats with my black high waisted pinafore and my striped shirt from Primark in the first post on this blog. I also wore it with a pair of white tights that had little ribbons on it- I never got a picture of them though. Here is some pictures of the flats:

Black Flats- From Topshop some years ago. You cant see in this picture but they have little Kitten Heels. They are so comfortable and easy to wear! Although they kept getting stuck in the cracks in the pavement and my shoes came of as a result! How embarassing!
I did have one nice outfit that I wore last week. It was very 1940s inspired and I am raging that I did not get any pictures of my hair as I put it up in a 1940s victory curl style! And at my mother's birthday I also had a very nice Dita Von Teese style outfit on-and a alas no pictures!

The shirt is actually longer and just tucked into the high waisted trouers. It is from Bay Trading Co - a few years back though. I don't even know if this shop is still in trading.
Necklace: Claire's accessories-a few years ago.
Red Nail Varnish- Barry M
High Waisted Trousers-Primark!- I could not believe these when I saw them in Primark. They are so comfortable to wear and you can wear them with flats or heels. I am definetly going to be wearing these throughout the Summer just out and about and actually going out to go clubbing.
Here is a somewhat close-up view of my trousers.

Toodle Doo for now lol xxx

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