Sunday, 29 June 2008

My So Called Un-Fashionalble Life

So things have come to somewhat of a hiatus on my blog. This is mainly due to a lot of reasons pertaining to working overtime, looking after my parents house, my friends returning from Uni and also my turning 21. I have however dressed somewhat fashionably and put a lot of thought into my outfits. Although they might not be fashion forward as in terms of A/W 2008/09 trends but what I feel somewhat comoftable in.

In other news I am going to London avec my parents from this coming Monday to Wedensday. I am looking forward to it as it is my first trip to London. Although I think I should call it my first 'shopping' trip as I am looking forward to the shopping aspect of it the most. When I come back I will post more and add more links to my blog list as afterall making fashionable is a somewhat essential key to blogging-well at least I think so anyway! Il leave you with some photos of what I have been wearing these past few weeks!

Yes I did wear this out on my 21st. Although I took the large flashing badge of before I went clubbing. I was kind of chanelling a somewhat bohemian-meets Regency-meets 21st century idea. The dress was v short and I had to wear shorts underneath it and tights. So essentially I am wearing 'Tights as Pants.'

This is that 'doomed' dress from Primark that everyone has. Though I bought it anyway. I decided it needed to be customised so wore that H & M tutu skirt that is so famous on the blogosphere underneath it. Although you cannot see my top half (as my hair and make-up was hideous that night and I am somewhat drunk in this picture) I attached black ribbon straps with a large Nautical badge to it. When I was out I seen a girl out in the red version of it and took a strop according to my friends. Though I do not remember this as I was intoxicated with some fine liquer aka cheap Tesco cider.
This is an ensemble I wore to a job fair at a University for a friend looking for a job. Phew that was a mouthful! The shirt is vintage, pearls from M&S, Skirt from H&M, tights from Oasis and the bag is Vintage. I wore this and became very hot and bothered as the tights are very thick but I do like it. I felt like across between a 1940s singer and schoolgirl.

Til Later on in the Week,

Miss.Russe xoxo


That Girl said...

YAY! Happy Belated 21st Birthday!


LuLu124 said...

wow i love your outfit in the last picture :) xoxo, lulu