Sunday, 8 June 2008

Luella....Oh Lou-Elle-Ah....

I absolutely adore Luella and everything about it! The collections are so versatile and easy to interpret into everyday wear. There is no over the top details or unnecessary items. This is what makes Luella pieces so attractive. So I have tried to interpret trends from their F/W 08/09 Ready-To-Wear show via Polyvore. I was not able to get every item down to the very last detail.....But I think I did pretty well!!

This is one of my favourite looks from their current collection. I have already purchased my orange tights and black mary janes. I have a skirt like this which I have worn before a lot and it is refreshing to see a new way I can wear it. The skirt can be seen in one of my daily outfit posts below. I also love the fact that crimped hair is back-I remember crimping my hair nearly every day when I was twelve and it drying out!

Skirt: Warehouse-
This is such an easy look to use for winter! You can combine it with a number of different coloured tights and matching dresses. I already have a winter coat like this and a matching satchel! It reminds me of something from the 1940s-perhaps a child Evacuee on its way to the country side with its wordly possessions in its satchel!Or a school teacher on her way to teach her young charges! I particularly like the ribbons in the hair and again the crimped hair!

Now for my way via

Tights/ Over The Knee Socks:


Dress: -Although I do not know if this dress is still available!





Luella photos courteousy of


alloftheabove said...

ooh i lovee luella. haha now if we could only get all those pieces to make up the outfit without breaking my wallet. :(

Miss.Russe Femme Fatale said...

I actually have a shirt from their R-T-W Winter 07/08 collection but heavily discounted!Its from a store near to where I live that sells discounted past season clothes. I got my Luella blue shirt for around £35.00 or £60.00 dollars if that is right?

fashion* CHALET said...

you make very fashionable polyvore sets, great job!! xx

Miss.Russe Femme Fatale said...

Aww thankyou thats so sweet!! I thought they were pretty crap to be honest with you lol! xx