Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Artiste Du Jour

These pieces are by an artist by the name of: Lyndsay Hull.

One of my favourite artists from my University's, 'End of Year Show,' for the graduating third years. I will post the information on this artist once I sift thought the various leaflets and flyer's that were on hand to tell me about the artists!SEE ABOVE I do love her work though- it is old fashioned, vintage yet modern as in it is her own concept of the past! I have included these pictures of art on here as this is just not a fashion blog.

Well I try very hard for it not just to be a fashion blog! I am an art student and therefore naturally I am interested in art and artists themselves. Therefore expect more artistic posts in the future.

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gorgeous said...

hey there, I just saw your post on my wall and yes definitely we can swap links. I think it is important for all artsy types to stick together because we are rare and unique. I see that you are from Belfast England, how is the weather over there? I haven't been to England in probably 10 years, I'm dying to return next summer.