Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Have a good trip, old chap!

So to continue on the theme of travelling and all things travel orientated brings up what to wear when one goes travelling. I have been thinking of this as their has been mentioning of a trip to London with my friends and I! Advisably you would wear something comfortable for travelling in. Say jeans, a t-shirt, jacket and good comfortable shoes. However, what if one wants to look utterly fabulous if travelling to Paris? I personally like to look as vintage as possible. And if I am going to Paris or London I want to definetly look great! If I could have any outfit it would be a combination of this ladys hairstyle and the lady below her's clothes and hat!

pictures from my vast collection of vintage images.

This normaly entails me dressing up in some sort of dress, tights and comfortable heels and a nice jacket to match. The look is more 1940s than anything! The look can hark back to what I think of as the 'Golden Age' of travelling. As in travelling via steam ship in the 1920s or 1930s. You would have your're matching luggage and a matching outfit for boarding the ship. And many fabulous dresses for the many fabulous balls that you would attend! While this is not viable for todays 'modern woman' you can still alude to this time of marvellous dressing in you're travelling outfit. This is part fantasy part reality of course....but here is my 'ideal' travelling outfit via polyvore:

All items Vintage bar the shoes which are from http://www.shopplasticland.com/ . I have cats eye sunglasses like these but only around the lenses is a leopard print design!

I love love love this dress with a passion that knows no bounds! Unfortunately it is vintage and probably quite expensive! The coat is also fabulous and from the 1940s. You could probably find something like this from e-Bay or in stores this summer as this style of coat, I think is timeless. The hat is probably not everyones taste or style It may be hard to wear if you have long hair but if you pin you're hair up into a chignon or some similar style you could probably get away with this hat.

The suitcase is something else!Id kill for a vintage suitcase like this but theyre not very practical if you have to walk long distances in airports!

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