Monday, 9 June 2008

Extra Baggage.

So this is quite a random post but I thought that I would type this up anyway. With the ever increasing problems with hand luggage and extra baggage and having to pay for extra baggage- I thought I would type up what to do and not what to do. Obviously most people know what to do but it might be helpful to those who have not travelled for a while and are not aware of the new (stupid) regulations.

Right first of all.....Hand Luggage. I think within the UK, Ireland and the European Union the limit is 10kg. This is fairly workable and if you are only going for a few days you could bring your suitcase on as hand luggage and save on the baggage prices. If you are going to do this you need to have ALL LIQUIDS in a CLEAR PLASTIC BAG. A bit like this:

I personally use sandwich or freezer bags that are available in most supermarkets.This means all liquid make up products and bath products like this:

You MUST have these at the top of the case. A good idea would be to pack all your clothes and then have your towels on top of the clothes followed by the clear plastic bags. You do not need to have lipstick, eye shadow or powders in the clear plastic bags. I have came across this mistake before and ended up with too many things in my hand luggage and the security officer was not happy!

And now to the luggage you are going to put onto the plane. Again I think that the maximum weight is 20kg for the UK, Ireland and Europe. There is a place within most airports that you can weigh you're suitcase before you check it in. IF it is over weight you have to pay a £6.00 fine per kilogram. The airline you are travelling with should outline these prices on their website.

Now to the packing! Are you the kind of person who heaves everything in and then sits on top of your suitcase?Or does it last minute and forgets everything essential? I have done this to and I am no perfect packer! Though I have found that being prepared is key. I always make a list of what I have to get and check it off as I buy it. I also do this when packing.

I normally pack the heavier,bulkier things first. Such as jeans, dresses,jackets etc. I then put in my shoes and some t-shirts, skirts and shorts. I do this as I find it is easier to layer my shoes in between two layers of clothing. This is incase the shoes are sticking out at the top and I cannot get the case closed. For socks and underwear I normally either roll them and slide them into the sides of the suitace or I put them in the pocket that is on the other side of the suitcase. I also use this pocket for important documents and information on were I am staying.

Also to note if you are bringing a hair dryer or hair tongs or hair straighteners it is wise to put them in the layer were the shoes are.I hope this has been somewhat useful and you can use this information if you are lucky enough to be going on holidays this summer!


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