Thursday, 5 June 2008

When the bee stings....

As In a line from that infamous song from the Sound of Music! I have quite amassed a talent of refrencing my post titles to lyrics of songs! Well basically this post is about some of my favourite things that I like to wear, use or eat on a daily basis. Some of these things are new purchases and some of them I have had for a while. So without further a do I present, 'Some of My Favourite Things.'
This is so yummy! I wish I could eat this on a daily basis but I think my blood sugar would be through the roof. What it is is Tesco Finest* Raspberry yoghurt icecream, Raspberries and dark chocolate! Yum yum yum!

This is my faithful Vintage brown leather satchel. I bought it for £3.99 in the Oxfam in Belfast. I adore this bag and has been everywhere with me! From nightclubs, to fields to airports and back! It holds a lot and is not to big to be used as a going out clubbing bag. It does need a good clean inside but I do love it so. The best thing is that it goes with every outfit!

These are the Wingtip Oxford Brogues from New Look. I bought them for £5.00 of e-Bay and they arrived the other day. I must say I adore these shoes and they are somewhat comfortable to walk in-though I think I shall have to buy some party feet sole cushions for these shoes!I love them becuase they remind me of shoes from the 1930s and 1940s and I have a penchant for anything from these particular decades!

Yes I do admit to owning one of these bags from Marks N Spencers. But so what!? Theyre cool and stylish (I think) and I can lug my books and art materials around in it for next term. At least it looks better than a Tesco Bag For Life! Although on that note I do have the hessian material Ladybird bag for life that was out over a year and a half ago. The nice little one that was made BEFORE they stuck , 'TESCO BAG FOR LIFE,' on it!

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